better off

they though my mother was unfit because she wasa alcholic. i was 6 when they took me away im now 16, its been ten years and ive been in over 7 foster homes. in all of them i have been abused mentally,phyiscally and sexually. the last one i went to, he raped me, when i went to tell my foster mother she wouldnt believe a word i said. next day my social worker came to take me back to the home for girls, they told her i misbehaved so they no longer wanted me. i would have been better off with my mother.

7 thoughts on “better off

  1. That is so desperately sad. I hope you can find someone who can help you, I truly do. Maybe you can tell the police they have departments specifically for these cases they will believe you, and they will help. God bless you.

  2. Please be strong and don’t give up! Even though your story’s devastating, it is unique in that not many people have gone through it and forgone a childhood. Try to find ways to learn from it. Seek comfort in helping other young girls/boys that are going through your experiences. Find a way to use what you’ve learned, to empower others. You’ll live a fulfilling life – I promise.

  3. Wow, girl. You’ve lived through some tough stuff. I hope you are able to find loving, supportive people in your future.

  4. unfortunately, this seems to happen a lot and the system is totally ignorant of it. but i think you can probably find and attorney to get you out of it if you’re old enough or get you out of the system.

  5. Although this is a devistating story, I believe you. What I want to tell you is… your past does not determine your future. It also does not define you. Keep your head up even though it seems you can not. You have a destiny that is greater than what you went through. trust me.

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