I am 23 years old. I drink whiskey everyday before my 8 am class due to social anxiety. I don’t want to go to a therapist, out of fear of what they might diagnose.

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  1. I’m sorry; that really stinks. So here’s the thing though: therapists can’t diagnose anything. They are there to talk to you, let you vent and get things off of your chest. If you want a diagnosis, you can see a psychiatrist. Maybe you should try the counseling? Alcoholism can cause a variety of negative effects, such as violence and liver issues. Not to mention the fact that if you allow yourself to become completely attached to your whiskey, you might find yourself skipping school. Your choice though. Good luck.

  2. Think about your future, you are young. Seeking help might be scary but if it comes with good at the end, isn’t it work it?

  3. Yes you are probably an alcoholic if drinking before 8 am class everyday to interact with people but it’s your choice where to take this for the most part. I stopped boozing when my pancreas literally shut down many times over a few year span. That’s what it took me and not saying anything bad will happen to you but at your age wow I would kill to be 23 again (45) now. Good luck I truly mean that

  4. I’m 90% positive they will diagnose you as having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It’s unlikely they’ll diagnose Alcohol addiction unless you literally have cravings for it and need it to be functional. In other words, the “alcohol abuse” category applies to you, but “alcohol dependence” most likely doesn’t, yet. But if you continue the trend you may find yourself dependent on it.

  5. Alcohol will make you die a slow death. Ugly one, with huge wattery stomach cause your liver cancelled. You admitted, now it is time to solve it. Seek professional help, cause dropping alcohol out of the blue can make you dead too. Stop being weak. Do smtg. It is possible. Better now than later(check the first sentence). Also you are probably missing B12.

  6. This is tough – I’m really sorry for you having to go through this. Speaking as an academic, I want you to know that your lecturers are here for you and would want you to be able to speak to them. You’d be surprised how much we can do to help you overcome anxiety.

    Please think about speaking to someone sooner rather than later for the sake of your liver and your mental wellbeing.

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