I am 23 years old. I drink whiskey everyday before my 8 am class due to social anxiety. I don’t want to go to a therapist, out of fear of what they might diagnose.

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  1. I suffer from social anxiety as well, I would run from it instead of facing it. Go see a therapist and like Lily said therapist help you to vent and get things off your chest and also to slowly help you get through whatever you’re going through. I went to therapist, not just for social anxiety but I had other things that effected to a point where I was afraid I wouldn’t have a future and it’s the best decision I ever made.

  2. This is tough – I’m really sorry for you having to go through this. Speaking as an academic, I want you to know that your lecturers are here for you and would want you to be able to speak to them. You’d be surprised how much we can do to help you overcome anxiety.

    Please think about speaking to someone sooner rather than later for the sake of your liver and your mental wellbeing.

  3. Alcohol will make you die a slow death. Ugly one, with huge wattery stomach cause your liver cancelled. You admitted, now it is time to solve it. Seek professional help, cause dropping alcohol out of the blue can make you dead too. Stop being weak. Do smtg. It is possible. Better now than later(check the first sentence). Also you are probably missing B12.

  4. I’m 90% positive they will diagnose you as having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It’s unlikely they’ll diagnose Alcohol addiction unless you literally have cravings for it and need it to be functional. In other words, the “alcohol abuse” category applies to you, but “alcohol dependence” most likely doesn’t, yet. But if you continue the trend you may find yourself dependent on it.

  5. Yes you are probably an alcoholic if drinking before 8 am class everyday to interact with people but it’s your choice where to take this for the most part. I stopped boozing when my pancreas literally shut down many times over a few year span. That’s what it took me and not saying anything bad will happen to you but at your age wow I would kill to be 23 again (45) now. Good luck I truly mean that

  6. It is good that you have realized that you have a problem. There was a time even I used to drink 24×7, 365 days of the year. But then I got the wake up call.. but it was only when I lost my family, friends, job, finances and peace of mind. You must get help before its too late. Find out if there is Alcoholic Anonymous near your place (I am sure there is). Its a very discreet group of people who help each other to get out of this addiction.
    I have been saved now.. and slowly I am rebuilding my life all over again. I was drinking for almost 20 odd years. So its never too late to recover.. and earlier the better.

  7. That is certainly Alcoholic behavior. The good news is your not terminal.
    I self medicated with booze for over 15 years. I was never sloppy or missed work, I was what I called a ” functioning alcoholic” .
    I refused to admit I had an issue since I had made it work okay for so long. I was in the Army for 8 years as a Ranger. I spent 3 years in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan this was early 2000s. I knew I had issues but I refused help or doctors, after all I’m not crazy or sick I’m just depressed, don’t sleep, and suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but It was cool I managed it.
    Long story longer, I went through one failed marriage lost my small business I had started because I couldn’t give the time it required to be successful that cut into my drinking. Then my dog ran away and my my pick up truck died. Just kidding , ya know like a country song.
    Flash forward, I meet a great new girl that is patient and persuasive. She convinces me to get a help and 6 months of 1 hour therapy sessions every 2 weeks and some tinkering with some meds to get my brain balanced I quit drinking, started being more active, was slowly finding pleasure in the things I had given up due to depression and got remarried.
    Keep in mind ” results may not be typical” but, you are young and have every opportunity to get better and feel better. I wasted over a decade of my life suffering from something that could have been solved by chatting with a psychologist 2 hours a month and taking a few pills. I was stubborn, thought pills were BS they gave to weak people. Like you I didn’t want the stigma of being “diagnosed” with anything but, the only people who will ever know are your doctor and you. They don’t force us loonies to wear shirts or anything. Aside from my wife nobody knows anything except what I share.
    The human brain is the most complex thing on Earth and its controlled by chemicals and electrical impulses. If one thing out of billions isn’t doing its job then you end up with anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, low energy… yadayada. All medicine does is help correct the issue and usually its not permanent. Use of medicine over time can allow your brain to heal and figure out how to function on its own.
    With ALL of that said, some issues can also stem from trauma such as abuse, neglect, life and death situations or maybe once when you were in 1st grade some kid made fun of you for something you said and subconsciously you still harbor that feeling of
    ” what if I say something stupid” , ” what if people laugh at me” part of therapy is just helping you figure that out so you can identify and attempt to work on those issues and maybe meds are never needed.
    As somebody that learned the hard way, self medicating with alcohol WILL make things worse. Getting help from a doctor does not mean your “broken” it means your a young person living in a stressful world and sometimes we all need some help.
    I’d recommend starting with your primary physician if you have one. He can get you started right away on something that might help and handle the referral to mental health if needed. And I learned Psychiatrist doesn’t so much help you work through issues, they diagnose and prescribe the meds your primary isn’t trained to prescribe. Psychologists can’t give you any meds, they are the ones that make you talk about your childhood and why you have a fear of brown paper bags or pine cones or what ever. JK
    I know you don’t know me but if you see this response do me a favor. Stay in school, don’t do drugs, stay out of swimming pools during lightning storms and go see your doc asap

  8. Hey you, I know you posted this a while ago. I’m an alcoholic, too, but I haven’t ever said it aloud. The thing is, alcohol will only get you so far. It can ease the anxiety, but it won’t ever fix the real issue. Go to a therapist, not to diagnose you, but to help you. You can heal with them. Be good to yourself.

    Drinking becomes a routine, but I promise you it doesn’t solve anything. Only you can do that.

  9. Keep tabs on you drinking, that shit can get away from you really fast! I’m not judging I drank like a fish in my 20’s. Just saying it’s not the solution, it’s a symptom of too much stress. I smoke weed a lot these days but it took a long time to find out that I work pretty well with coffee and weed, and nothing gets done when I’m drunk. No one will give you a magic bullet just find something you can live with, and know life is scary, but with time it is way more routine. Try pretty girl with a pot pipe when you get scared, it’s way better than drunk guy getting arrested. Just a thought

  10. Think about your future, you are young. Seeking help might be scary but if it comes with good at the end, isn’t it work it?

  11. I am 22 and I have made a guy cheat on his girl friend and have sex with me.Now their relationship is over because I told his girl friend.

  12. I’m sorry; that really stinks. So here’s the thing though: therapists can’t diagnose anything. They are there to talk to you, let you vent and get things off of your chest. If you want a diagnosis, you can see a psychiatrist. Maybe you should try the counseling? Alcoholism can cause a variety of negative effects, such as violence and liver issues. Not to mention the fact that if you allow yourself to become completely attached to your whiskey, you might find yourself skipping school. Your choice though. Good luck.

  13. Sweetheart please seek help. That is a cry for help. Does it matter what they diagnose? You seem to know you need help. Let people in. It’s the only way. (As long as they want to help not harm)

  14. I’m sorry to hear that. You should go. Social anxiety is normal, I have it, and it’s a mess. But you’re not alone. You could use some help. You’re not alone, and you’re worth it, you can improve.

  15. Hello friend.
    I had social anxiety too(I still have, but not much) and I hate going to therapist, one thing that helped me is talking about my pains with myself, try to find the cause of it, why I have social anxiety and why I should not.
    You know yourself better, make the right question, you can only be honest with yourself.
    Your social groups also help or not your state of mind, try to be close of people who are nice to each other, that respect each other.
    I had a lot of problems and tried to kill myself 2 separated times and had depression. It’s not easy to crawl out of it, but I’ve free of depression in 4 years, I still drink but I have a rule of 2 doses every day.
    Today I have 22 years old and Im trying to get into medical school. I hope you can get better!

  16. You should go and see a therapist. It’s not good for you to drink that frequently, especially if you’re using it as a crutch to dodge larger issues. I understand the fear of being diagnosed (I was diagnosed with depression 4 months ago and the memory of that experience still hurts a lot) but in the end, it’s better to know more about the problem you may have and to fave the issue head-on instead of hiding it. Besides, anyone who will judge you for problems like that isn’t worth having around.

  17. I hear ya. Terrified of being scrutinized and labelled by professionals, then doled out a nice prescription to help you “get over it”… it’s not that simple. Social anxiety can be absolutely exhausting to live with constantly, I know first hand this is true. It has the ability to invade every inch of our existence, and reaching for the bottle, or any other form of numbing escape is so easy. But it’s not reality. There is real help out there if u look for it, help that’s right for you personally. And there are people on your side who understand where you are right now. They’ll be there ready to help you fight it when you’re ready. Put down the bottle, and face the world. There is hope for you and for us all :) And forget about those labels!

  18. Why are you worried about what they diagnose? If you have a problem it’s best to get it sorted rather than trying to fight it? Nothing wrong with mental illness/anxiety if it’s dealt with properly

  19. Yes! I know why you do it because I’ve done before but if you have to depend on it to get through the day then you would be classed as an alcoholic do you not have any friends/family you could talk to? Or anyone at work/school? Therapist/doctors have heard everything before so if you don’t want to talk to someone because you’ll be judged you won’t! or you could get some meds for anxiety? x

  20. Social anxiety/phobias is one of the number one causes of Alcoholism in young men. You will likely be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and also alcohol misuse. Treatment would be with medication and talking therapy to address why you feel the need to drink and alternative strategies to manage your anxiety

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