My kids

No one has enough power over my emotions to break me anymore…but my 2 adult children are the most insensitive, selfish people, who think nothing of bashing me over the head with the cruelest indifferent attitude and just inexcusable disregard for me and for their father’s memory. A couple of days ago it was husbands birthday and the next day was my sons birthday…actually its … Continue reading My kids


I have been a nice person for what it takes. My job wants me nice and tolerant. I went through a helluva training period followed by a strenuous career start. Got married and have an adorable little kid. My ambitions are way ahead of my finances. I have a killing chronic back pain that requires disc surgery according to some doctors. Maybe it’s the depression … Continue reading Rage

wasting away

I hate that I waste soo much time I hate myseeeeeelf. and when I look back ….nothing seems interesting abt my life..i need to do something bold and life changing but I’m always behind the scene…. !!!!!! like I don’t even exist!! !!!!!!and my goals are being squashed!!!!!!!!! because I have no capacity to finish what I started!!!!!!!freeeeaaaaaaak… like I was always a wallflower and … Continue reading wasting away