I have been a nice person for what it takes. My job wants me nice and tolerant. I went through a helluva training period followed by a strenuous career start. Got married and have an adorable little kid. My ambitions are way ahead of my finances. I have a killing chronic back pain that requires disc surgery according to some doctors. Maybe it’s the depression … Continue reading Rage

wasting away

I hate that I waste soo much time I hate myseeeeeelf. and when I look back ….nothing seems interesting abt my life..i need to do something bold and life changing but I’m always behind the scene…. !!!!!! like I don’t even exist!! !!!!!!and my goals are being squashed!!!!!!!!! because I have no capacity to finish what I started!!!!!!!freeeeaaaaaaak… like I was always a wallflower and … Continue reading wasting away

Not sure what I “love” to do

I’m 25 years old male and still don’t exactly what I should be doing with my life. Everyday if not working, I’m usually cleaning the house, gaming or whacking it to something. These things bring me partial happiness, but just a bit. I already feel/know I’m focusing on the wrong things. I’m having trouble getting out of my loop. My niece, who I believe is … Continue reading Not sure what I “love” to do