I did something bad to get needed info, help?

I snooped my boyfriend’s phone while he was sleeping and found numerous (and graphic) texts from numerous girls about him hooking up with them while he goes out of town; he leaves for work and visits family regularly. I’m loyal and dedicated but have always been cheated on or dumped because I give a lot of rein to whomever I am in a relationship with… … Continue reading I did something bad to get needed info, help?


I had depression for about a year. The thing is, I faked a lot of things and did a lot of it for attention. I know Im a terrible person and I feel really guilty. Im doing it less and less, trying to stop, because i know its horrible. I dont even know how much of it was real anymore. Im an attention whore and … Continue reading Faking


I’ve lived 5 years of my life now with depression, but I really don’t know what to tell my friends or family. I found out I had depression when my friend who noticed I was looking constantly upset made me go to the doctors. She died 3 months later from breast cancer. She was the only one who knew, so these last years have been … Continue reading Depression