hate husband

I hate my husband. he tricked me into being with him, by pretending he was an active, safe, secure, succesful man. and less than a year after we got married, he fell the f*** apart. i found out that everything was a lie, our house didnt belong to us, his parents had given him the money, our wedding wasnt paid for by us, his parents … Continue reading hate husband


I hate myself and everything about me because of my fat body, ugly face, shit personality, lame jokes, social awkwardness, complete lack of talent and motivation, and the fact that I just can’t bring myself to care about anything. There’s so many other things that are f****** terrible about me but if I tried to list them all this would never end. I have no … Continue reading trash

No Work

I feel like a total loser most of the time. I hate every job I take to the point it disgusts me. I want to take a chance on doing what really want, but I need to work until then. I need money. I need to survive. Yet, I just end up so mentally and emotionally exhausted that I can’t work on anything else after. … Continue reading No Work