Professional Ethics Violated

Many years ago, while a student journalist, I wrote a three-part series on student suicide. I did extensive research and interviewed several mental health professionals including college counselors. I was having trouble finding people to interview who had attempted or contemplated suicide and the deadline was rapidly approaching. Rather than abandon a good story, I fabricated quotes from fictitious suicide survivors. The really bad part … Continue reading Professional Ethics Violated

My life sucks

I hate adulthood. I went from being surrounded by friends in high school and college to suddenly having none in university. Those same friends I used to spend time with seem to have abandoned me and don’t even have time to answer any messages i send them although they have time for everyone else. I hate my job, I like school but can’t muster up … Continue reading My life sucks


I can’t stop lying, I lie to everyone. I think it comes from a deep-rooted sense that I am not good enough for anyone. I just hate myself. My workplace all think I was a successful entrepreneur when I was younger. I am not. I was actually sat depressed in my room for a year very ill because I couldn’t stop lying. I just want … Continue reading Lying


I drove drunk tonight. Again. Maybe I was buzzed. Regardless, I’ve done this before. It makes me so ashamed of myself. I’m terrified of getting caught and I know I will eventually, and I want to stopen. I feel as though my actions will catch up with me, though, and I hate I do this to myself. I feel pathetic. I always ask God for … Continue reading DUI