broken goods

Sitting here, in a room with my loving sister, hearing sounds of my mom in kitchen nearby. Yet, I’m not here but deep down within, in a battle that I already know too well. I feel like something crashed my chest, I have no air to scream or even say a word to express my desperate need of… that warm touch of selfless kindness? Troubles. … Continue reading broken goods


I cant tell anyone about this. But when I was 13 a child (family relative) she used to rub herself against me and I didnt stop it. I never like asked her to do ANYTHING but I didnt stop it and now I’m 20 and I cant stop thinking about it I feel like I’m a terrible person And it keeps me up every night. … Continue reading Guilt

Where does supporting your spouse end and being a fool begin?

I am 45 years old , married for 20plus, and currently separated from from husband who is chronically mentally ill. We have declared bankruptcy and foreclosure is coming. On Christmas morning, while searching for a gift our young son had hidden I found a pair of women’s underwear wedged into the couch cushion. Where do mental health issues end and just being a shit begin? … Continue reading Where does supporting your spouse end and being a fool begin?

Wrong Love

I am falling in love with a guy, and I am a guy. It’s hard to describe how I started to have this feeling towards him. It just happened and I hate myself for being so, because I knew I’m loving the wrong person since he’s straight. There’s no way to tell him the truth. If I knew I’ll be like this, I should’ve not … Continue reading Wrong Love