I agree with my mother however part of me agrees with my sister.

I am best buds with my mom still live at home and would stick by my mothers side against almost anyone.I think my mother is 80% correct in the way she thinks about my sister(she thinks i am 99% in agreement). My mother has three sisters and one brother. She has nothing(0%) to do with 2 of her sisters because she was rejected by them. … Continue reading I agree with my mother however part of me agrees with my sister.

Social anxiety

I have to have social anxiety. I’m sure of it. I don’t know if it’s suppose to be diagnosed by doctors or something, but I can’t talk to people, I avoid all possible social situations as best as I can, I hate crowds, and so many other things. Maybe I’m paranoid? All of my friends though are outgoing and always have parties and stuff and … Continue reading Social anxiety


2 years ago i cheated on my boyfriend. It happened one time and i was in a very bad place. There is nothing that i regret more in my life. We have a beautiful baby together now and we are happy and ive worked through all the issues of my betrayal im just struggling with the guilt of not telling him. I know telling him … Continue reading Cheater


I am deeply depressed. For almost 2 years I have been so unmotivated and unhappy with myself. Now, 2 years may not seem like a lot to older people, by I am only 15 years old. My Dad left me when I was little, he broke my heart before any boy had the chance. I have little family and hardly any money. My best and … Continue reading Depressed.