I Want to Have a Baby

I’m in my early twenties. I’ve always been an anti-breeding, pro-population control, child hating extremist, and have never hesitated to let everyone know my views on the subject. In the past two years, I’ve slowly had a change of heart. Now that I’ve finally acquired stability, I’m coming to the realization that I would like a child after I’ve accomplished my life goals. While I’m … Continue reading I Want to Have a Baby

Skin color

Skin color, religion, nationality etc was never an issue for me. In my family we have many many different people from different countries and I was raised to respect every single person regardless of his/her sexual orientation or cultural background. I’ve done this all my life. Until I moved to Africa (3 different countries) 2 years ago and turned racist. My contract will end next … Continue reading Skin color

I Fear

I fear so much. I fear about what I’m supposed to do next. I fear failure. I fear having intimate feelings. I fear about all my good friends leaving me behind. I fear the crush I have on you. I fear that I will make nothing of myself. I fear of letting my parents and friends down. I fear letting my emotions get the better … Continue reading I Fear

Ready to go

I just got a new and solid job and I should be happy, and I am. Honestly, though, I am ready to die if it’s my time. I hope it isn’t my time, but I feel like I have lived enough if it’s all going to end soon. I’m just over 13 months sober from an addiction and im realizing that after experiencing the intense … Continue reading Ready to go

Gay Married

I have always been a homosexual man. I wanted children so I got married and at first sex with my wife kept me satisfied, however after a few years I went back to meeting men for sex, first though contact magazines then the internet. I have been doing this for thirty years and I have no idea how many men I have had sex with, … Continue reading Gay Married


I lied to my wife about an online affairs, I had over a 1 year ago. We are doing better now…so I will keep all the harm I did inside of me. My wife is sort of a prude when it comes to sex and I want it everyday all day. I am such a dog. But I will take my dirt to my grave … Continue reading Lies