New guy

I have a new guy that has come into my life (I am recently divorced after nearly a decade) and he has asked me to tell him my “deep, dark and dirty secrets” along with detailed accounts of what I want him to do to me… Although this may not seem like a big deal to some, I feel stupid trying to tell him. I … Continue reading New guy

My wife

My wife was killed by a man who was drinking and driving four years ago. Our marriage was short only about 2 years but we were happy. I now suddenly have nothing again. Since she died I have fallen. I drink more often have sex with people I hardly know I had a girlfriend who I cheated on. I have become more violent and despite … Continue reading My wife


I feel like I am slowing sinking into depression. I used to be optimistic, bubbly, determined, social, etc but the person I am probably going to spend my life with is sucking that all out of me. He is controlling, verbally abusive, insecure, jealous and completely dependent on me. Even when things are good I’m just waiting for them to go wrong. I think I … Continue reading Sinking

Ugly Duckling

When I younger I always thought of myself as an ugly person, in both appearance and personality and I honestly never thought I’d get a boyfriend. Now I’m 18 and apparently beautiful and guys constantly throw themselves at my feet, even though I have a boyfriend and I’m loyal, but secretly I love it to bits since I never get this attention, but I’ll never … Continue reading Ugly Duckling


I confess I stole pills that my father needs for a medical condition from him. I did it years before, and stopped until now. I did it on impulse and felt the guilt immediately. I don’t have an addiction to them, haven’t had anyin months nor do I crave them. The impulse took over and I regretted it instantly, but it was too late to … Continue reading Pills