Family Ties

Where do I start…. My brother is ten years older than me. I’m almost 30. We have never really been close, he’s always been a jackass to everyone especially our family so my sister and mother do not speak to him at all. Recently (about 3 weeks ago), he held a wedding reception for him and his bride that got married on New Year’s. They … Continue reading Family Ties


I want nothing more than to run away from my family–My three teenage children and my PTSD-ridden husband. I have given the past 16 years of my life to them and I want to focus on nothing more than myself. I worry that my fears will keep me from following this dream and I will forever be stuck in the traditional role of broken-housewife. Continue reading freedom

To Mom

I hate that you let our alcoholic grandmother stay with us. I know you love her but she makes the house a dark cloud to live under. She insults us every day and you just let it happen. She hits my cat and she yells at her for no reason. She gets so plastered that she begins disrespect you and I don’t get why you … Continue reading To Mom

Twenty-Seven Days

Tomorrow, I will have been porn-free for four weeks. While I still totally crave it every day, I do finally have some clarity about my “addiction.” It is an entirely selfish endeavor. Everything about porn is about me. I want it. I “need” it. I deserve it. I need some satisfaction. And I hate this about me. I lied to myself for a long time … Continue reading Twenty-Seven Days


We graduated last week and I love her. I love her but I told everyone she hated me. I lied and I made her look like a complete bitch. I ruined her. I push them away. I push everyone I love away with no feelings at all. Why did I do that to her? I’m in love with this beautiful girl who actually loved me … Continue reading Ariana


I know that I may not have the right to say this, but it’s how I feel. I hate my mother. Yes, she was the one who held me for 9 months and raised me for 17 years. But I no longer feel any love towards the woman who insults me, belittles me, makes me feel like I am nothing but the dirt under her … Continue reading Unfeeling

Friend Can’t Seem to Get the Message

There’s a girl I’m friends with who’s obsessed with her crush, even though we all know, and she even knows, he’s not interested in her. She’s writing a story were it’s basically the same situation except she changes their names and makes themselves a few years older. Anyone who know either of them would be able to figure it out in a second. She talks … Continue reading Friend Can’t Seem to Get the Message