Terrible Person

I’ve slept with; my friends boyfriend when he got me drunk my friends ex-boyfriend, I’m not sure why and my friends brother, she wanted me to so I did I’m a terrible person, I’ve helped someone cheat, slept with my best friends brother and my friends ex, usually I dont feel guilty, I don’t think about it and I certainly don’t think about how bad … Continue reading Terrible Person

I feel so guilty about my 2 miscarriages

I’ve been pregnant twice by my husband and miscarried them both. Thr first was 9 years ago, and again just 5 months ago, in July. I’m 45. I’d almost gotten over the first one when it happened again, so unexpectedly. I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant again, but was completely caught by surprise. I know I’ll be okay eventually, but I feel … Continue reading I feel so guilty about my 2 miscarriages


I have been in a relationship with a married man for the past 5 years. I am married. This has brought great damage to my own marriage. Wish I had never met him. Might feel wonderful at the time but leads to guilt, troubled conscience and a longing for something you can never have. And even if you had it, would not be the same. Continue reading Adultery

Hate in my heart

I hate my nephew for moving to Florida and taking my great-nephews away from our family. I actually want to disown him, but that would alienate and distance me from my great-nephews. Im so disgusted at him. Screwing around with their mother without an intention to marry. Then effing up their marriage, now moving away. I send the boys a card or a little something … Continue reading Hate in my heart