I’m bi

I recently came to terms with my sexuality. I’m bi, but I can’t tell anyone close to me because all of my family and friends are pretty uptight conservative homophobes. I don’t want to lose my relationships with any of them, especially my parents, but I don’t think any of them would ever love me again if I came out Continue reading I’m bi

The end

It’s the end of my life as I’ve known it. I can’t back down from this now but I’m literally throwing away everything I have. Basically a much younger girl wants me and I can’t say no to her. But I can’t do that to my wife, or so I thought until I hooked up with this young woman. I’m leaving my wife and kids … Continue reading The end

no body knows

But I’m too scared to tell. I just got home after four hours of listening to my conservative aunts talking about how being gay is wrong and I know I couldn’t say anything about my sexuality. They don’t even believe being gay is possible, let alone bisexuality… :/ I just feel very alone sometimes because everyone is always asking why I don’t have a boyfriend … Continue reading no body knows

My Life

list of you cant’s: you can’t have children you can’t take it in the ass you can’t come see me you can’t have a drink you can’t leave the house you can’t be wrong you can’t work you can’t control or even oppose your child you can’t insinuate yourself into the ownership of other peoples property you can’t dictate to me you can’t be a … Continue reading My Life