When my friend and I were in the 7th grade we met this guy in the 8th grade had us to meet his cousins who were 16 at the time. They took our virginity’s and made us believe they really had love for us and we believed every ounce of it. Now that I am older I am 18 and have a 3 year old … Continue reading Used

My Top Secret

my mother was maid servent. i have been stolen many money from her work place [employer pocket] when i help my mother by sweping owner home. i was very little, even before i enter school. one day i caught after spending stolen money but i denied by acting, i cryed. another big secret is.. i seen my mother having physical relation with neighbour old age … Continue reading My Top Secret


I love him with all my heart. I really truly do. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, yet I cheated on him. I knew what I was getting into and refused to ignore it. Now, I’m stuck in my own black pit of despair, knowing neither he nor I could ever forgive my actions. The worst part is that he doesn’t even know it yet. Continue reading Cheater