Little too late

I’m sixteen and have had a boyfriend for over a year but lately I’ve been thinking things I shouldn’t be. When I was thirteen I dated my best friend who’s a girl and I got scared and broke up with her now years later we are still best friends but I believe I’ve fallen in love with her and I’m scared because I love my … Continue reading Little too late


I’m addicted to pain pills. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my habbit. My tolerence is so high that I now take 4 80mg oxycotin, or 10 methadone tablets plus 6 10mg percocets. It wasn’t to long ago that I screwed up really bad, and not paying attention to how high I was, I nearly died. The thing is, I don’t want to give up … Continue reading Addicted

A gay mess

I just graduated from a prestigious college, but aside from that my life is in ruins. I’m in holy debt, I’m desperate for a job and broke, nothing motivates me and i’m all alone. So many days I carry a bottle a pills with me and dare myself to take them all, but i’m a failure at that too. my sexuality hurts me i’m not … Continue reading A gay mess

My best friend’s fiance has a sketchy past…

My best friend, (23) got engaged after only about 6 months, to a 37 year old. They are already getting married next summer. I wouldn’t have a problem with it I hadn’t heard really sketchy things about him. I have heard from numerous people, people that don’t even know her, that; he has a criminal background; he has been engaged before (he told her he … Continue reading My best friend’s fiance has a sketchy past…