i’ve done many things i regret, and now im paying for it with not having any friends, the 2 girlfriends i had i basically broke up with on my own, one was a crazy,somewhat socially awkward yet thoughtful person, the other a drug addict yet sweet and beautiful. and out of jealousy, from being hurt by them and out of being crazy myself I have … Continue reading friends

I love my grampa

My grandfather married my grandmother almost 40 years ago. He took in a retarded teenage step-son and a drug-addicted teenage step-daughter. They never moved out of his house. Neither did I. I know this isn’t where he wanted his life to go. He probably dreamt of retiring with my grandmother and having the house to themselves, without annoying, crippled, soul-sucking children. Even my friend who … Continue reading I love my grampa

Should I tell him that I’m the one who betrayed him??

I met an amazing man several months ago and we began dating. He’s smart, attractive and ambitious. He also happens to be a pastor of a local church– not the one that I attend. One day he revealed to me that he has an infant son out of wedlock who lives out of state with the mother. He also said that he has no intention … Continue reading Should I tell him that I’m the one who betrayed him??