Thinking of cheating on him after he cheated

He confessed 3 months ago that he cheated on me with his co-worker at the beginning of May 2010 and told me that he regret it very much and will never do it again. We’ve been together for 2 years and for 1 year we were together he cheated. Last year we had a rough year and I confessed to my mother that I was thinking of cheating on him because he thinks I’m not enough for him and was very tired of him criticizing me all the time, yet I couln’t break the relationship because we are planning to get married and both of our parents are already preparing the wedding. However, my mom told me to not do that and to be patience. She said maybe in the future he’ll grow up and realise my value. So from my mom advice I didn’t cheat on him and kept working on the relationship. In September 2010 our relationship was great and he has changed, he cared more. However, that last 3 months he finally confessed to me that he cheated and felt guilty. He couldn’t keep his secret anymore to himself because the girl he cheated with wanted a proper relationship with him and he didn’t want it. So the girl kept threatening to tell me that they had affair together, so I will break up with him. To avoid that, he chose to hear the bad news from his mouth.
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I was born this way

No one knows except a select few that i am a lesbian. i’ve been dating my gf for almost 6 years and no one knows. I feel so trapped when im around family and friends, especially since they can talk about their girlfriends and boyfriends openly because they’re straight and thats acceptable in today’s society. I can’t come out because im still living at home … Continue reading I was born this way


I am married I have 3 kids and still I feel so alone. I wake up every morning disappointed to be alive. I look in the mirror with disgust, hating what I have become. I do nto go out in public anymore as being around other people only enrages me. The mere thought of being around people makes me cringe. I think of only dark … Continue reading Suicidal