I feel lost… I have no one to turn to anymore. I’m only 14 but I can honestly say I wish I was not alive. I’m scared of killing myself, because if I do, who will care? Sometimes it feels like no one will… And I have no one to turn to. My relationship with my parents is the one thing that can always bring … Continue reading Lost

i should of told

there was a girl at my school who always came into class with brusies on her arms and neck. today we found out that he father killed her, he pushed her down the stairs and beat he until her face wasnt even noticable. im sorry marissa, i noticed the brusies awhile ago, i should of talked to you about it, i should of told someone. … Continue reading i should of told


a girl commited sucide from my school last week, they said it was because she was bullied. im sorry sarah, i bullied you along with many others. if i could take one thing back in life it would be saying those horrible things about you. you werent worthless and you seen that tonight at your candle lighting where 3,000 students showed up plus more! Continue reading bullying

I can’t lose weight without the help of drugs

I’ve been overweight my whole life. I work out regularly but I’m not great about food. I’ve gradually worked my weight down over the years but I got stuck in one place and couldn’t budge further. So I started taking Phentermine. It’s the only thing that has worked. People say I look fabulous and I do feel that my body is closer to my goal … Continue reading I can’t lose weight without the help of drugs

Messy Depression

I have recently been in a really dark place and have been suffering with some kind of depression although I haven’t been “professionally” diagnosed. Today I realized how badly this depression affected all areas of my life, including the state of my house. I can honestly say I was shocked when I decided to start cleaning. The clutter was slowly increasing but I had no … Continue reading Messy Depression