Sorry BBF

I’m sorry BFF, I’m having an affair with your man. I was with him first, you knew how much I loved him, I didnt care then we were having an affair, behind his previous girlfriends back, but when I moved away coz I couldn’t have him I never wanted him to be with you. Although I was the bigger person, and gave you the go … Continue reading Sorry BBF

Am I Good at Hiding, or Does No One See Anything Anyways?

I have considerable research on psychology and serial killers. I have noted psychopathic tendencies in myself. I have noted similarities between the childhood “checklist” of a serial killer, and my own youth. I know the signs, so I know what to hide. I know how to hide them. I am well liked. I have many “friends”. People see me as sweet, quiet, deep, and intelligent. … Continue reading Am I Good at Hiding, or Does No One See Anything Anyways?


I hate my mother. she always gets herself into these shit abusive relationships, she keeps saying she’s going to get a job, but never does. she only gives a shit about herself, and she doesn’t even care that the guy she married turned into a huge asshole, who has huge anger management issues. and now he’s moving out, and we’re going to have no money, … Continue reading poor.

Curious is the quarrel of my mind.

I suppose I can pose this as a question. I often wonder if I’m crazy. Not in a schizophrenic way. But rather, through my experiences and memories–my personality isn’t normal. I recognize that my personality isn’t normal if from nothing else besides what I find my self saying to other people. Most of the time my friends will tell me that I usually say weird things in public or say things that I should keep to my self. But I don’t see it as peculiar like they do.

I’m a 21 male and I’ve read in psychology books that psychological disorders usually start to occur through the mid-teens and fully develop in the early 20’s. I wonder if it is a psychological disorder that is wrong with me, or perhaps I am just the outcome of my past. (My wondering is the question i pose)
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Dear M,

I remember you breaking as you told me what the anonymous cyber-bully had sent you. It was full of hate, making you feel worthless so they could feel stronger. Better. They were pathetic, hurting others as they hurt. I listened to you, with guilt and regret. Even though you’ve forgotten it, for it’s been years, I wince at the clarity of the moment. That cyber … Continue reading Dear M,