I weigh 96 pounds and still I think I need to lose more weight. I have an application on my computer that lets you figure out what you’ll weigh on a certain date depending on weight, height, how many calories you eat a day etc. According to this, I’ll be dead by January. Maybe sooner if I don’t get better. And still, all I’m planning … Continue reading selfish.

The Childhood.

My life was a fairytale, of sorts. We had money, we had multiple cars, I got everything that I wanted, and I was extremely popular for it. The only different thing about my family was, that my parents were the class act drug dealers. The entire circuite from Cuba into the south border up to chicago, through michigan to canada and over to new york … Continue reading The Childhood.


I am falling back into love with my first boyfriend. I am engaged to someone else. Now that he is gone and off to school. I find myself being with my old boyfriend a lot and I can’t decide what I want anymore. All i want to do is be with him, even when my fiance is home for the weekend. Continue reading lost