too smart

I know my girlfriends password to all her emails, facebook, and phone accounts. she thinks i dont know them. I know when she lies and tries to deceive me. i know she is not as smart as me, so i use that to my advantage. i have deleted facebook posts, some emails, and some comments from others. sometimes i feel for her because there are … Continue reading too smart


I hate my mother-in-law. She is a horrible parent that constantly puts down her children. She tells them that they are horrible people and that she is embarrassed by them. She tells them that she is dying or moving away to get them to feel sorry for her. The truth is, she is the embarrassment. She makes good money, but is unable to live within … Continue reading Mother-in-Law


I’ve known her since she was very little. I was her dad and she was my little girl for may years. We had a great friendship for years that we both appreciated. I am no longer married to her mother nor am I her biological father. Shes over the legal age in the state where we live. But none of this helps me figure this … Continue reading Blackmailed