i moved from manhattan to family here. i move for a guy who isnt even here.he’s in iraq. im not even sure i want to be in this relationship.i’m torn between joining the peace corp and staying here with him.he wants a family in the future,i dont. i dont think we even have much in common.the sex is getting better,but it isn’t starting … Continue reading confused

My big brother

Okay, so I know I’m a coward. I cant tell people face to face, so I go to the internet instead. I’ll try and keep this short. I love my brother more than anything in this entire world. He is the best big brother that anyone could ever wish for. He has always been there for me, we’ve always been close. I am 15 years … Continue reading My big brother

Wife sold our fairy tale for magic beans

I can’t tell my wife what her affair really did to me.
When I met my wife, I found her beautiful. She was everything I wanted, physically and intellectually. She was a little messed up, but I understood her problems and she understood mine. We married. We have 2 kids. After the second kid, our sex life died. Completely. I was miserable. I spent years trying to fix it, trying to get you in the mood, trying to ignore you to get you to pursue me (which was great for you), EVERYTHING. After 4 years of trying, I gave up. I decided that I loved you so much that I’d just go celibate. I’d do that for you, even though it was the most important thing for me in a relationship. It’s how I know love, how I feel connected, how I feel close. I decided to give that up, just so I could spend time with you. I decided to focus on everything that was GOOD in my life, including you, and become a different – a better – person.
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I hate every last one of my friends for what they’ve done to me, and what I go through every day. I consistently feel abandoned, whenever I just want to hang out, or talk to them, I get blown off. It’s been happening this way for two full years now. I get new friends, and it keeps happening. What am I doing wrong? Every time … Continue reading Friends