This really isn’t that big of a secret. I want to fly to the opposite side of the country to meet a guy that might be interested in me, just so I can have feel the touch of another human being again. I don’t care if he is a psychopathic killer. At least he will touch me Continue reading Alone


I’ve come to realize that my cat is the most important thing in the world to me right now. I love her more than any family member or friend. She’s more affectionate towards me than anyone else I know. She meows back when I talk to her, waits outside the bathroom door for me while I’m in the shower, and sleeps next to me everynight. … Continue reading Cat

Interracial Lesbian Relationships

I am a black female interested in white females. But whenever I do a search for interracial lesbian(s) relationships on the internet (forums or editorials or even pictures) why does 99% of the search results found reference interracial lesbian porn? Don’t get me wrong, lesbian sex is great, but it’s not the only thing black women are interested in. At least not this one. And … Continue reading Interracial Lesbian Relationships