Confessions of a luxory hotel representative…

Please note- It is not wise to be cruel to the hotel agent who checks you in. I have worked at different hotels over the last 5 years while trying to make it through school and after dealing with some of the most tasteless attitudes from all sorts of clientele I would never choose to make it a career in hospitality. I merely buck up … Continue reading Confessions of a luxory hotel representative…


I pretend to be happy. But I’m really not. I pretend that I’m selfless, and I try to be.. but I’m not. I fooled so many people. I’ve bottled up my REAL feelings inside. I don’t want people to know and I don’t want to burden them. My dreams and goals are getting shattered one by one… from love to education. I don’t know what’s … Continue reading Fooled

To Be….?

I am a 20-year-old undergraduate at a prestigious college. All my life I have only ever dreamed of doing something, ANYTHING, good for the world, but with one catch. I had to get the credit for it. Win-win, I figured. This messed up world gets a savior and I get validation. I have always prided myself on my intellect and love of learning, and am … Continue reading To Be….?


I am 20yr old about to be 21 this year and i never had a girl friend and never kissed anyone before. I feel left out because alot of people i know already had sex and most people alot younger then i am at least had a a boyfriend/girlfriend and i feel left out. i am so shy all the time and i feel like … Continue reading Virgin

My secret.

I have an eating disorder, and I cant stop. I know what everyone will tell me, eat you stupid bitch! Stop doing this to yourself! But I just cant, its an obsession. It consumes me. Its so hard to explain, and so hard to fight against. I want to stop, I try everyday. Ive tried almost everyday for the last year. No one knows and … Continue reading My secret.