double life

I have been cheating on my spouse for almost 17 years with my girlfriend, her cousin- I have 2 children,now grown, with my wife and stayed with her for them as the love in our relationship left long ago-I have also been “dad ” to my girlfriends daughters, also grown, since they were small and I am the only father they have known-over the years,I … Continue reading double life

The Fire

When I was young, my brother and I set fire to the church we lived next door to. We were caught trying to put it out with cans of lemonade. It spread and ended up burning our house down. Still, everybody thinks it was an electrical problem in the church. He told me I couldn’t tell anybody so I never did. I don’t regret it. … Continue reading The Fire

Throwing up

I am 34 years old and have been binging and purging for 15 years. I hate that I do this and hate that I can’t stop. I don’t feel I have a person I can go to that I can trust and talk to them about my issues. I have 2 kids and a husband and don’t want to die. I’ve prayed and prayed and … Continue reading Throwing up

A sign!

Today, I realized that maybe faking being happy for so long has actually helped me. It used to piss me off when people called me sunshiney hippie girl because I was seething on the inside, and nobody knew. Today, though, today was different. I lost my razor so I used the only thing I could find. As it took me 10 minutes to saw a … Continue reading A sign!