I love my husband and all my siblings are jealous of my marriage. But no one knows he chats online with other girls about sex, looks at pornography, argues about paying rent, hits me when we fight, forces me to have sex, calls me ugly and fat. I lie to my family about bruises and arguments. And I’m more afraid of being alone than all … Continue reading Husband


my friend Sara committed suicide today. i feel betrayed. killing yourself is the meanest thing you can do to someone its like a big up yours to all the people you leave behind. i m heartbroken i never knew her to be a depressed girl. i just wish people my age could know that its always better the next day. Continue reading Suicide


4 months ago, this guy i had just met came over to hang out, he kept trying to hook up with me and i kept saying no. then he started being really forceful…he held me down on the ground and ****ed me…all i could say was no and please stop because i was frozen and i didnt know what to do…it was aweful…he made me … Continue reading Raped