Im 23 years old. I fell in love with a girl who was a virgin. She loved me with everything she had. She talked of kids and marriage( I know she meant every word). I was the most horrible person to her. I did her love her but I just had a lot of problems. I cheated on her a couple of times with my … Continue reading cheater


I feel as though all the most important people to me, with real meaning for my life, don’t feel the same way. I feel I disappointed my mother, and that dad isn’t too proud of me. I fear my wife will one day listen to me and see she really is a strong person, and will leave me, and take our son with her. I … Continue reading Destiny?

Dear Mom,

I was raped. 4 times actually. Can’t tell you. Can’t tell anyone. I’m afraid, afraid of what people will think. I know i lie, but not about something this big. I wanna let you know that I became pregnant not because I sleep with everyone, cause I don’t, but because I was raped. I can’t help but think you won’t believe me. I need you … Continue reading Dear Mom,