I am in love with my neice (my cousin’s daughter)

Hi all, this is one thing that i would never be able to talk to any one about… I have a neice who is 15 yrs younger to me. she is my maternal cousin’s(brother’s) daughter. After her mother’s death she came to live with us (my mother and my cousin’s mother were sisters)she was a small kid of 6. My mother took care of her. … Continue reading I am in love with my neice (my cousin’s daughter)


I have this relationship with this girl I swear was obsessed with me. She says she loves me all the time, we plan futures together, talk about children and everything. But why do I always catch her chatting with guys about really nasty stuff (webcams). Is she just leading me on? I have no idea what to do. I’m just waiting for her to cheat … Continue reading Confused


I’m 39, female and still single. no kids, either. Some days I love my life, other days life sucks. I’ve always wanted my freedom. Being married or even in a relationship, is confining. I don’t want or need sex. What I need is a sugar daddy. Some rich old man who pays my way with no strings. I just want the money. I know I’m … Continue reading Single