i don’t believe in religion, matter of fact, i absolutely hate religion. i am a bat mitzvahed jewish 15 year old girl, yet i don’t like considering myself a religion. i absolutely do not believe in god. and i hate it when people are religious. overly religious. yet i respect it. i hate how ignorant people are, and it kills me and bothers me to … Continue reading religion.


I am a deeply complicated girl. And I secretly blame it on everyone else (parents, unrequited crushes, etc). I just have the feeling having a perfect relationship would help me.. But when I did have one, I just snapped and snapped ’til it broke down. My biggest fear is this: I’ll never love and be loved in return. Yet love would never leave me content … Continue reading Me


Okay, the other night I had a neighborhood party in my driveway. I got way too drunk. I’ve never been that drunk. Problem is I’m not sure if I kissed my neighbor or not (we are both married). I vaguely remember his tongue in my mouth and saying “we can’t get caught” but I’m not sure if I was dreaming or not. It’s driving my … Continue reading Help


My wife is 9 months pregnant. A blessing indeed. About 4 months ago I had a one night affair with a women that my wife and I are friends with. This women and myself have very good chemistry and great sexual chemistry. Both of those things are lacking with my wife and I. It pains me to say it but I don’t think I have … Continue reading confused-sad


I wanted to hate you, I thought I hated you, I convinced myself that I did because it was what I wanted. Hating you was my answer. I wanted to think that you stole my friends from me, they left me alone to be with you. You always make fun of me, you laugh at me, treat me like crap and make me fell like … Continue reading Him


I’m not exactly sure what to say but I am a woman, I am worn out by life and I’m only 33. I have been estranged from my family since I was 16 but put myself through college and have a professional qualification. I have always worked to pay for my education, flat, bills etc. and that is fine but for some reason I am … Continue reading Life