I’m involved with a wonderful man who I love very much but who will never be able to make me happy because of my jealousy. What am I jealous of? The fact that I’m not the first person he slept with (he had sex with one girl and was intimate with another three). That probably wouldn’t seem so unreasonable if I hadn’t slept with fourteen … Continue reading Jealousy


why was i so bone headed when i was 13. im now 17 and have been locked up for 2 years and 3 days. i live in a group home and i hate it. i thought it was cool to not listen and now i live with 9 other females. some of whch are cool but others are hateful. i havent seen my dad since … Continue reading why


i have liked you for almost 2 years and have watched you seemingly lead me on 2 times. a few days ago you told me you have liked me for almost 2 years as well but your still with yoru boyfriend. its frusterating. i honestly think i love you. you make me feel like know other girl has ever made me feel even after dating … Continue reading Her.

crush on guy @ work

I don’t know what to do…I really like someone @ work and its kinda a long story..try to make this brief…I transferred into this new dep’t and right away instant chemistry with him…we laughed all day and talked all day..he would buy me things…but i couldn’t tell if this was b/c he was being friendly and nice/generous…but really liked him..well still do…anyway..heres the thing..sometimes he … Continue reading crush on guy @ work