So I have this ex-boyfriend. We’re on a friendly basis, and he just transferred to a new college. He calls me, and tells me he has this amazing job, and cool first week of school. I wanted to succeed first; to get a new boyfriend, or a new cool activity that I could flaunt. I feel like a failure, like I’ve been wasting my time … Continue reading Validation.

Run Away

I often feel like running off and starting fresh. I don’t fit in with any particular group here. I just want to start new in a town where no one knows me. These daily problems I face are slowly killing me inside and no one knows. Everyone assumes I’m fine by the smile on my face. Little do they know that the smile is nothing … Continue reading Run Away


wow .. I didn’t expect that there is a site like this .. any way, now i can admit to myself who i am .. ever since childhood i noticed that im different from other male gender .. because i like more playing with the girls than the same sex .. I already admit to myself that infact im a bisexual .. but to my … Continue reading yup..