About a year ago I tried to kill myself. I felt as though nobody loved me and that my life was worthless.I was getting bad grades and was being sexually abused by my neighbor. I also ws having feelings toward the same sex, and I knew my parents would disown me if they found out.I felt like I had nothing to live for and just … Continue reading Suicide


I love a man who is already in a relationship. I had my chances with him when he was single but I let him go. My own fault! I find it diffucult to move on. I told him yesterday that I still loved him but his response was silence as he didn’t know what to say. I blew it! :( Continue reading GG

Lost without her

I haven’t seen her, not really, not more than a passing glimpse or work-related conversation, in two weeks. We’ve only had a few short telephone conversations and exchanged some hurried text messages. I tried to arrange a meeting sometime in the last two days, but it hasn’t worked out. Our spouses have gotten in the way. It’s probably best that we didn’t meet, that she … Continue reading Lost without her