It is a strange thing to grow up knowing your father who lives with you everyday and is part of your life does not know you, has no wish to know you, and what he does know of you he does not like. I can say not in a wounded lashing out way but matter of factly- my father never loved me. Continue reading Papa


lately i have noticed i m developing a sort of allergy to my relatives and family members . being v.distant and indifferent to them . i dont talk to any of them voluntarily n dont even feel like coz i dont like formal relationships . i like 2 b among carefree people who r basically my frienz where i can totally be informal any myself … Continue reading lonesome


Ok i had this weird dream twice in a row: I was walking down a street in a small abandoned town, which was sort of looked like it was from the movie or video game Silent Hill. Anyway I was walking down the street and all of a sudden, it went pitch black, so I pulled a flashlight out my purse and kept going. I … Continue reading Dream


at present i want to get over a guy whose not right for problem is i always end up falling for the wrong ones and when i do i fall big time and get hurt like to the corage . worst part being i still keep in touch with them and m v.kind like to the core to them and part of me still … Continue reading love


After years of being on the ‘outside’, I am finally on the ‘inside’. But I still resent it because I know people are only being nice to the money- not ME. If I had walked into that BMW dealership this time last week they would have looked down their noses at me and told me to get lost. Now everyone kisses my ass. ME. Look … Continue reading Hypocrites