I have plenty of very good friends and there is nothing wrong in my life but I still feel so alone and I am sad. I feel like I’m wasting my life everyday even though I fill it with things to do and that I’ll look back on my life and I’ll be disappointed but won’t know how I could’ve fixed it. I need meaning.

Back-Up Friend

I literally have no friends. It seems like it is the same problem with all of them, where I am the only one putting effort towards seeing them. Slowly I’ve stopped trying all together, and I went over a month before finally hearing from my last “friend”. She used to contact me more, but I know I was just a replacement for her best friend who was away for college. Now that she is back , I’m lucky if she even acknowledges my calls/text messages.

I wonder what is wrong with me, and almost want to completely give up on anyone other then my husband and child, because at this point no one seems to care about me except them.

A lesbian destroyed my parents 20 years of marriage and my life.

This lesbian befriended my mom because my mom felt bad the lesbian had no friends. This lesbian destroyed my family causing emotional pain and to the point that I’m suicidal. As an only child I have no one to turn to and it is all because of a lesbian name Chris. This all began when I was 11. She manipulated me and my mom. My dad got furious and my mom separated my dad. For an 11 year old, this is too much to handle and the fact that my parents never talked to me about it. My dad moved out 5 minutes away and my mom claimed me with some visitation from dad. Throughout the years my mom bacame bipolar because of the symptoms I have notice. I blamed my mom for also starting this but I tried not to because she is my mom and I rely on her for my financial and living. Whenever I ask her what is going on she always changes the subject and to lie to my dad. I want this lesbian gone because she will do the same thing to others. I bet no one ever experienced this before. There’s alot more to the story but this is just some of the highlights. This bitch ruined my life.


my boyfriend told me he loved me, now I feel like there is nothing more to work for on our relationship, and I’m board

Me, Myself and I

Relationships are hard. Women are strange,men are too. I do love my wife, i don’t know why i cannot stand her sometimes. When she is not near me, all i do is think of her and cannot wait to see her to kiss and hug her. Then when i do see her, it all goes away…Why do i feel like this. I wish i could tell her how i feel, but im scared that if i do, she will not take it well and work with me to find a solution for the problem, but instead she will feel guilty and think its all her fault, when it it not.


I was at a 4 way stop trying to turn right and traffic coming my way stopped. Assuming the car was trying to turn I made my turn only to hear the blaring of a horn. I slammed on my brakes and saw that it was a school bus with it’s red lights and stop signs out. Thank god the kid hadn’t gotten off the bus yet but I feel so guilty about it. I could’ve killed someones child all because I didn’t look. I keep seeing the bus drivers face in my mind because she looked so disgusted and I feel that way about myself. I will definitely drive more cautiously in the future specifically at that intersection

Ain’t broke? Don’t fix it

I’ve been sleeping with the same guy for 3 years now. I lost my virginity to him, but I’ve slept with other guys too. We are really close mates as well and I spend every weekend at his house with him and our other mates. I got really drunk and told him I loved him (I believed I did). He cut it off after that because he didn’t want to lead me on as this has always only been a simply physical relationship. He told me he wanted to see other people. I was hurt at the time and thinking about it now I mistook love for lust and really all I want is the sex, and to be in that same situation I was in… But it’s too late now :(

I hate my dad

When I was younger, visits were more frequent though they did NOT happen every second weekend, even though that was his right. This was his choice, proven by the fact that he kept moving further and further away and making excuses of being too ‘broke’ to see us. It got so bad that my mom would drive the two of us all the way to see him and stay in a hotel so we could visit. She was raising us on welfare… And he made a lot of money and skipped a lot child support payments. A lot of this was to ‘punish’ my mother for leaving him, but this hurt my sibling and I…
As we got older, the visits turned into just the holidays… Then just one holiday a year. As an adult, I’ve seen my dad four times in 6 years and that was MY doing, by going to him. He doesn’t try.
I never learned any of this until a few years ago because my mom didn’t want to tarnish my sisters and my view of our dad. But I was angry one day, and she revealed all this and SO much more.
And I hate him.


I was sexually abused by my sister as a child. she has effected my life in such a negative way. We don’t talk and i don’t care. I hope she dies young.

I want a Baby

for a little over a year i’ve been having dreams and hopes of having a baby.. like im to the point where i think im in love with the baby in my fantasy. i have names picked out and have figured out how much everything i would need would cost. the problem with this is im 20, live with my parents and am having a really hard time finding a job, and my boyfriend doesnt know that i want a baby now or that i have some baby stuff hidden in a closet. every month i secretly hope im pregnant, since we only use the pull out method..


I lost my virginity to a stranger this week. I’m 37 years old.


I told my boyfriend (well ex now)that I self harm and suffer from depression. He looked at me and laughed. He asked me what did I have to be depressed about. Why was I trying to get more attention by cutting myself and crying every night. I haven’t told a soul since. Everyone wants to know my secret but no one understands. I don’t know what hurts worse thinking I am worthless, crying, and cutting or having all my fears and self-doubt confirmed by someone I thought cared about me.