i didnt declare my bike to my family

since childhood i am passionate for bikes but due to one silly so called astrologer as he said two wheelers are not good for me my parents never allowed me a bike
now i own a bike but my parents rather nobody at my place know it
almighty to bless

The Girl of My Dreams

I’ve been in an on and off relationship for 2 years now. In the beginning I truly loved her. I still do. But now, after she broke my heart several times, I find my tolerance for her fading. I can’t live with her anxiety but I couldn’t bear to live without her. And now that I’ve met the girl of my dreams, whom I can’t stay away from, I feel as though I should just die. She’s gorgeous, British, a dancer, a singer, and an actor. And I made her really upset by accident. I really like her. But because of this, I feel that I’m in a really shitty place right now. I just hope this gets resolved.

why am I so dumb

Why is it that I always fall for the losers the ones who always break my heart an could look right in my eyes and lie to me. The type who screw me over every time. But when the sweet guys come around I screw that up because I think it’s impossible for someone to actually love me and care about me. So I go back to the liars and cheaters because I guess I’m just so used to it.

On the verge of an affair

I have just signed up to a ”married’ dating site. I am already in contact with someone who I might arrange to meet soon. I have been married almost
8 years, have 3yr old beautiful twins but am often so unhappy and depressed I pull my own hair out and have patches of thin hair on my head. My husband, wouldn’t comment if I dyed my hair purple, I just feel so unloved by him most of the time, but it’s too complicated to leave and we simply couldn’t afford to seperate. We barely sleep with each other, and I just crave some attention and excitement in my life. I don ‘t want to hurt my husband, and plan not to tell a soul if I do get involved with someone else.
I have spent the last 7 years trying to make my husband happy and keep things romantic and alive, but it hasn’t worked.

jealous of you

You know why I’m jealous of you? You were able to kill yourself. At your memorial there were hundreds if not thousands of people.

You were able to get out. And I wasn’t. I’m stuck here surrounded by people who act like they care but hate me in secret.

This is no way to live


I had a baby with the wrong man.
It should have been his cousin.
I’m so sorry, I do try to love you back.

Unhappy Life

Some people think I probably have a really great life and I suppose I do. I have plenty of friends and family and a husband. No children as yet but I dont believe I want them. Husband is very keen to have at least one. He knows Im not very keen and its affecting our relationship. It wasn’t discussed before marriage as I think we both believed it would happen at some point but weve been together 5 years now (2 and a half married) and it now feels the closer its getting the more I dont want to face it. I dont think I would make a good mother, it feels like a colossal burden and Im generally not a happy person. These sorts of things can have an impact on children. Ive had boughts of depression for years. Im still in love with an ex and we met up and had an affair. He wont see me anymore because he has a long term girlfriend and he feels guilty. I dont know if he feels true love for me but I know he’s only saying he doesnt want to see me because he feels guilty, not because he wishes I would go away. We still text sometimes but its always me that texts first. I feel so wrapped round his finger but cant see a way out or how to make myself happy again. It feels like I can only be happy if Im with him which I dont think is going to happen, so I feel like I will never be truly happy again.

I blame myself…

My best friend is dead. She was abducted, raped, and murdered. I honestly blame myself and their are many reasons why.
Reason one is that because I got caught stealing something, I stopped getting rides in the morning from a friend, and consequently, so did she.
Reason two is that I was supposed to walk to school with her and I didn’t.
Reason three is that she went to my house that morning and I wasn’t there, that’s why she was where she was and why she was alone.
If none of this had happened, she’d be alive.
It will have been 3 years ago soon and I still blame myself.

I hate my husband

I hate my husband and his stupid lying ways. I miss my ex every day and think of him constantly. I believe my husband is a complete and total moron. My biggest regret ever was marrying this loser.
We have a son, and I feel so stuck. Everyone we know thinks that he is such a great guy, but he is a pathological liar and a thief. He has stolen large amounts of money, committed Insurence fraud, even stolen money from our son. My husband is a terrible person, and I’m the only one who knows it. I hate my life.


Sometimes I wish I could actually tell my friends what I am dealing with. How my grandma told my family that my brother and I are going to hell for not being religious. How I help with other people’s depression when I can’t deal with my own. How I have no idea about who I am, or what I am.


I have three wonderful children, and a man who loves me. Yet most days I think of running away. I love my family, but so often i feel trapped in a life I have control over. I care for them all without fail, and while I love what I am, I feel like I could be so much more! The guilt kills me, but I can’t help what I feel. Am I a horrible person?

i want to turn back time

if i can turn back time i will not accept her love. i will draw myself away from her so that i will not have to worry of her suicidal thoughts. she will kill herself if i leave her. this is what she told me many times.

so i am with her now. problem is, i cannot accept myself for being a lesbian. i hate myself. i hate my life.