No, there’s nothing I’ve missed

I suffer from agorophobia, obesity, severe depression and social anxiety disorder. I’ve suffered from all of these things together for over a decade and I haven’t worked or had any type of relationship for over a decade. I haven’t left the house in four months. The depression I’ve had for almost 30 years and I’ve been obese for 25 years. I haven’t been able to afford a doctor for the past year, but before that I was on various medications and all different types of therapy to try to make myself healthy. I cry every day now and am so tired…I’m simply not capable of living and dealing with life like so many who have to deal with far more than I do. I live in a state that doesn’t believe that any of my illnesses are a disability and have been informed that I can suck it up.

All I have is my mom. She takes care of me and I should be taking care of her because she needs the help. She doesn’t know that I will be ending my life at the end of this month. It will take me at least that long to make things as easy for her as possible. I can’t get to church, so this is my confession. I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough, Lord. Please forgive me, mom.

I want to be a dad

I’m 17 year old punk. For the past year, I’ve been feeling like I’m ready to be a parent. I’m already looked down on for my choice in music and my lifestyle. I know I’d be looked down upon even more for this decision to have a child, but I just feel ready. This last weekend, my ex girlfriend called me and told me that she’d had a miscarriage that had been from when we were together. I’ve been depressed to the point of suicide ever since. I feel bad, but I wish she hadn’t had the miscarriage and that I could have had a child.

husband 12 years older than me

My husband is 12 years older than me, after being together for 4 years we got married. I’m 25 years old. But he has no savings..i mean,not at all. I just find it so difficult to build a future together. We need to every single dollar to save money to buy a house and prepare for the baby.

We stay in Dubai currently, it’s city of spending and it’s so boring, always 40 degrees outdoor. In the end except working we almost never go out. I feel I’m living a like like a 35 now, kind of correcting his mistakes(no saving at 37 yrs old) by tighting up myself. Sometimes it’s really frustrating….And people always ask me why i choose a older husband..

But I love him very much…it’s just life is difficult…I don’t see the future right now..

I dont understand.

Without sounding like im conceited .. I always thought I was attractive. I am. But I rarely get hit on. is it sad that it upsets me? So instead of me letting anyone compliment me I tear myself down.. and pick myself apart. Because… maybe I just look different to everyone else.


My co-worker is getting sacked tomorrow, and he doesn’t know it. I like the guy but he is annoying. I feel guilty, but am also secretly happy that I don’t have to banter with him anymore.

The dad who’s kids I babysat

I’ve been working for this family on and off for 7 years
For six of them the father and I have always got along
Incredibly we’ll. for the past 5 years I’ve hidden a secret
Crush for him. This January I know he and hîs wife divorced.
I’m 21, he’s 46, the age gap is massive big since I’ve found
Out that he’s single I can’t stop thinking about him. And
Not in a good way ;). Oh what to do????

friend worried about getting the sack

I work in a school as does my friend (who is very healthy).
Yesterday at lunch my friend came to see me looking a bit sheepish. Asking what she had done she told me. I wont say all but all I will say is it was something that a one year old would do.
The problem is my friend panicked and tried to resolve the problem there and then.
She is worried she will get the sack as if the cleaners see this they are surely likely to talk to the head teacher and the head teacher is likely to call a staff meeting asking who did this, as it is not something a 26 year old does.

She is having panic attacks that she could get fired if she is found out, and even if she spoke to the head teacher, she would probably loose her job because the head will say similar things.
I want to help her and give her some advice. please

It’s your birthday tomorrow

I want nothing more than to be there with you to celebrate your birthday with you, but it’s impossible. I love you so much. I wish you felt the same for me.

I wish I could die

I’d never kill myself, but if I were to get cancer or some other terminal disease, I wouldn’t think it was a bad thing.


I feel so trapped ,I’m so scared of the future I mean I don’t want to go to uni but I don’t want to live my life as a giant failure. I sometimes wonder if I have depression for the past two years I’ve had terrible mood swings. I can’t talk to anyone about how I feel. I cry myself to sleep, I hate my job, I just feel as though I can’t get out of this sht I’m in. I feel guilty and selfish about how I feel because others have it so much worse then me but yet I feel terrible

Last night

My friend asked me to follow him home lastnight. It was his first time riding his motorcycle in the rain. So after a couple of drinks I agreed. Long story short one thing led to another. I feel horrible. I just got engaged two months ago. I feel miserable.

i am failing at recovery

im scared. i was anorexic and im supposed to be recovering but i keep binge eating and i think im just switching to a new eating disorder. obviously if i try to say this no one believes me because im so under weight. i am so lost