Today my Step father…

…touched me innapropriatley. **** YOU YOU REDNECK PIECE OF HIPOCRITAL CONSERVATIVE GARBAGE! This is the first time you’ve ever layed a hand on me in the 23 years ive known you and i will hate you forever! I’m 26 years old, just getting my life back together and now your going to do this? You found my bong in my room, but that doesn’t give you the right to use it as an ultimatum for assumed sexual favours. This is 2015, smoking pot does not desserve the punishment of sexual harrassment. I feel disgusting. Good riddance. Im moving out tomorrow.

contemplating leaving my wife

My wife sleeps 14-16 hrs a day then complains she is tired and there isn’t enough time in the day.

I struggle with 4-6 hrs of sleep and she sees no problem. I’m unemployed but I can’t bother her for just a few hours to go run to an interview. I drag our daughter to interviews.

She goes to Walmart (which closes at 10) and complains they are closed when she gets there at midnight, same with the mall.

I’m raising our daughter alone. I’ve seen her stand, take first steps, play in the tub, and hear her starting to talk. All the while, mom sleeps or is at work. I understand the working part, but the sleep from 7AM-midnight…wake up and complain there isn’t enough time then go back to bed…get ******* real.

She doesn’t even talk to me. Instead, she sends text messages that her life is ruined…

She has 30 days to interact with our daughter more and actually live a life instead of sleeping all day or I will leave her. I told her, her response “I’m this close to snapping.”

AND YES…I know she works 3-11PM M-F…but she sleeps from 11:30PM-2:30PM then complains she is late to work and doesn’t have enough time…and today ********** she slept from 11:30PM (Friday)-Midnight (Sunday morning) then got dressed to go to Walmart (which closed at 10PM), came back complaining.

The sad part, I have a woman sending me messages on Facebook saying she wants to be my “life partner” and dreamt we had a child together…and I don’t know who this is and she is not a friend on Facebook and won’t respond (they are in my ‘other’ folder…but the messages are more interaction that I have with my wife…and that is sad and depressing.

Childish or sentimental?

I am 23 and I still sleep with my teddy from when I was a child. And anywhere I travel my bear comes with me so that I have a piece of home!!!!

My boyfriend and I

I’m a 16 year old girl from a sheltered catholic family. I’ve recently started dating this great guy whose almost 18. But my parents don’t want us to date. And his parents said he’s never allowed to see me again. I’ve tried talking to my mom but she won’t move on this. So tonight I snuck out to his house and into his room. We had to be really quiet cause his mom was next door. We made out and were grinding and I took my bra off. Then we started to feel each other. It felt amazing but I’m feeling super guilty about this. If my mom found out she would kill me. I just don’t know what to do. He wants me to come back tomorrow night but idk if I should. I don’t want to get caught. Or in huge trouble. I’m having mixed feelings about what happened.

I feel so incredibly alone

Im 13. i feel so incredibly alone every single day of my life. I hate that people always underestimate me and blow me off.I wish i had someone who truely understood me. I have thought about suicide multiple times, i have anxiety, and suffer from mild depression. I feel like i love everyone around me so much, but they just take me for granted and nobody loves me the way i love them. I also go to a christian school (I dont believe in God) and am in love with a beautiful girl in my grade. She would obviously never love me because shes such a good girl and thinks its wrong to be gay, but i dream about her almost every night. My whole life i have been looking for someone to just tell everything too, but it just seems like nobody actually knows what i go through. I listen to all my friends and even stranger’s problems and try and comfort them, but nobody ever does the same for me. One time I called my friend, crying and panicking because i was having a panic attack. She thought i was joking and hung up. I never tell anyone my feelings anymore. Is it that much to ask for? Somebody who will always be there for me.. a should to cry on?

Justice or just lies

I unfriended my boyfriend’s ex on his Facebook account. He thinks she unfriended him. He’s devastated.


three times he told me that if she walked in the door, he would leave me for her. AND, before I did it, he had started cheating on me by contacting an old bootycall. And he lied about it. Twice.

I don’t like seeing him sad, and I don’t like lying… This is the only thing I’ve ever kept from him. But, it does feel just.

Really Messed Up

I am gay ( not a problem any more)
I am a Christian (fine)
I am single (for over ten years) and lonely
I was arrested in a public toilet 20 years ago and I have not got over the shame
I use pornography which is un-Christian
I use bathhouses when the loneliness become unbearable
I work hard and don’t think I will ever meet any one again

My life is falling into Anger

I am in a same sex marriage with my wife. We have been married for about a half a year. Two months after we got married my father in law and step mother in law moved in due to him loosing his job. They anger me so much. She is a weird bird that only eats certain things and thinks everything will give you cancer. My wife gives into everything they want and will get her to agree about things when I am not home. My wife is a push over and I am the out spoken one. They are late paying their half of the bills and now have gotten to the point to where they eat our food and don’t help out with the grocery bill. They are always arguing which is causing stress on our marriage. We are always stressed I am always mad about something they have done that is disrespectful and inconsiderate. I can’t talk to my wife about such things due to her getting annoyed and us arguing about it. Also my sister in law is getting married and we are using every bit of our money on her engagement parties, bridesmaid dresses, and etc.. We are not as wealthy as her sister. But my wife will make us go into debt to please her whole high maintence family. I don’t know what to do anymore I want to save money for a rainy day fund when we might need it. I am so stressed I have no idea what to do and I feel as if my wife doesn’t know what to do with money. Am I am just a prude? Am I money hungy? I mean I just don’t know.

Sex Addiction?

I tell myself that I am embracing my sexuality, power and freedom but I could be lying to myself and actually have a sex addiction. I’m not in a relationship so who am I hurting here? I enjoy dominating men in the bedroom and I also enjoy the chase. I am completely emotionally detached in the act but lament about not having a real mutual love connection. When I go through a dry spell without sex, I’m fine…but the second I have it again it consumes my thoughts. I can’t figure out if I have a huge sexual ******** or if I have an addiction. Whatever it is, it’s not stopping anytime soon…


My wife and I (same sex marriage) have decided to try an open relationship. She is never wrong about anything and I am beginning to lose my mind having to be the one to apologize all the time for things that are not even my fault just to keep the peace. I am so sick of her never being wrong about anything, ever – she is often wrong, but never sees nor acknowledges it. I am tired of being the bad guy. She can hang all over a man in public, but cant even barely hold my hand and we have been together 13 years. She doesn’t love me and I yet I continue to refuse to see it. I need to respect myself more, and yet I don’t.

One issue after the other

I am a complicated mess of a person. Lately Ive been having trouble being motivated to do anything, I have a procrastination problem, my family is driving me insane off the deep, I cant find work, I suck at college, Ive been feeling extremely depressed and lonely like a lot, I am in need of friends but it seems like the kind of friends I want are nonexistent in this life, I want a boyfriend so bad to fill this emptiness inside me, I have a crush on my best friend that Im afraid to tell that to, and to top it off I am a bisexual male that if anyone I know knew that I feel would somehow some way ruin my life. How can I deal with so much crap when it bombards me like a hail of arrow descending down upon you?

I Didn’t Stop

I saw a man get hit by a car and I didn’t stop. I didn’t see the actual collision, but I saw a few seconds after it when the truck that hit him stopped and he was lying on the ground. I try to validate it by reminding myself that there were already at least six people out of their cars and surrounding him by the time I processed what happened, but I still feel guilty. I keep seeing him laying there not moving over and over in my head and it makes me sick. I can’t find any info on how he is. I feel like the worst person in the world.