HI, Been cheated on by my I don’t know what to call her girlfriend. We have been together for about 4 years basically every year she has cheated on me.We now have a Son together. Not sure if he is mine. He looks a lot like me. Have been feeling really shitty on what to do with my life. I feel so ashamed I try to cover up my feeling and pain with cannabis it sometimes helps. Im so convinced with myself that she will cheat again even if she says she wont. I sometimes see messages or calls on her phone I don’t recognize. If I confront her about it she makes up excuses or ignores me. I get ignored a lot by her like if I’m talking to a wall. It’s so hard trying to keep a fake smile to be normal and a dad

I miss my Dad.

My Dad died nearly 3 years ago and I still get feelings of heartbreak and loneliness.

When anything ever goes “wrong” in my life I think of him and want a big hug from him. He would always tell me to stop being silly or he would tell me everything would be okay. I often think that I should call him to tell him something before reality kicks in and I realise he is no longer there.

I wish I could turn back time. I feel so helpless. I blame myself sometimes for not being there to save him.

A friend’s dad now has terminal cancer and my feeling of helplessness has grown stronger. I don’t want him to hurt the way that I do and there is nothing I can do to prepare him for the pain that he will be going through.

I feel like people are bored of listening to me talk about him, or that they will think of me as weak for still getting upset after all this time.

Dear Mother-in-Law

I want to punch you in the face. You are a highly trained medical professional. You’re one step short of a doctor. You like to tell us every holiday how you know better than the surgeons you work with. Your daughter has been an alcoholic since she was 11. She had seven DUIs. She did jail time, and you paid for every lawyer, fought every penalty, tolerated the lies. You and your husband gave her the gun she carried. And when she finally crashed again, nearly killing her passenger, then blew her own brains out rather than face the law…you told us you thought it was homicide. Couldn’t have been your girl. And when the toxicology came back and her blood alcohol was three times the legal limit, you said, “Oh, that wasn’t that bad.” I want to punch you. I want to scream at you in all the ways you should have screamed at her. I want to take all the family portraits, the ones you had made without my husband in them because he wasn’t “really” your child, and cut out your daughters face. She tore this family apart, and even in death you’re so far in denial we may never make it back. If I saw you lying in a half-filled ditch on the side of the road, the way your daughter’s body was found, I really don’t know if I would stop to help. I hope I would, but this is my confession — I just don’t think I would.


I would really like to see my former friend’s business fail. They have been consistently and openly copying my designs and hardwork, and frankly, it’s exhausting.

Hate my students

Not all of them, just the ones fake illness or injury. Those who dont take no for an answer. Those that their parents never taught them manners. Those who come to school everyday and ruin the learning experience for kids who actually want to learn. Those that feel they are entitled and that rules dont apply to them. Those kids who always have the compelling need to always be first in line. Those kids that come to school use resources then leave mid school year to go back to their country.

I think I have cancer

One of my blood tests came back positive meaning there is a good chance I have cancer, likely lung cancer. I’m scared. I haven’t told anyone.
Since I’m a smoker, I feel like I did it to myself, so don’t have a right to feel bad about it.


I say I’m Christain, and that’ why I won’t have sex before
The truth is that I don’t trust a guy to fully support and be there
for me if I get pregnant out of wedlock.
I’ve seen it too many times. I’ve lost faith every time it happens.


I’ve been hearing voices for four years now. I’m in therapy, and being medicated, mostly for anxiety, depression, and some self harm issues, but I’ve never told anyone about it. I sort of jump around from therapist to therapist because they can’t really help me when I keep this from them, but every time they ask I just shake my head.

My mom is a F****G bitch!

She is a cry baby, she complains about everything, no wonder she is single. She never liked me, she always pushed me to do stuff I didn’t want to do since I am little. She was never proud of me. She never agreed or approuved anything I’ve done. She speaks behind my back all the time. Always said I will get into a divorce and When it actually happened, she told me that she wasn’t sad at all. She accused me of abusing my daughter when I do my best and sacrifice for both my kids. I don’t want to speak to her for the rest of my life. Sadly, I stay in “touch” with her because of the kids.
She is a bitch and I can’t wait for her to die.

Tired of it

I’m tired of everything. I’m tired of living. I can’t take the pain on Earth anymore, and I feel rejected by everyone even if I’m not being rejected. I feel so damn empty all the time, and I cry way too much – sometimes out of reasons I don’t even know. My anxiety is so bad it is a huge obstacle in my life, and stops me from living. I haven’t killed myself yet because I love God and my family.

My family doesn’t fully understand what I’m going through either I’m hoping my therapist will continue to help me get through this.


It’s been going on for a few years, whenever I get into bed I hear a child’s voice in my head saying “Wake up” over and over for a few seconds. For the first few days I thought that I had read too many creepy novels and things like that but it kept going on. Even when I’m tired and I am not even thinking of anything, right when I get into bed I hear “wake up”. It’s happened almost every single day. It’s weird but I’ve sort of gotten used to it.


It’s hard. I have to constantly fight it. It’s a beast that I have to slay more than once on a daily basis. The paranoia, getting hard to breath, taking medication, head swirling, it’s hard.