Not so dear husband

I got married when I was 23 years. Two years and two kids later I sometimes question about my marriage’s strength, whether I will be able to stay married forever. I see my parents, uncles, grandparents married and so happy I question whether I made the right decision with my husband. I love him and we have great moments together but he is so hard to deal with. He gets angry so easily, he yells to me about anything, he doesn’t help at home and expects me to do everything. With my second baby things got even worse. I prefer him being away than staying home complaining about anything, having people over when he knows I am tired and only want to sleep. Some times I hate him and sometimes I doubt whether marrying him was the right decision.

I feel insecure all the time

I’m 18 years old, and all my friends always tells me “why haven’t you gotten a girlfriend yet? “. I laugh and say “i’m just not interested in dating yet”. When in reality I feel insecure about the way I look, and think that the only way a girl will be interested in me is if I have amazing muscles, six pack, and clear skin. However, I am not morbidly overweight, I have some leanness to me, but I don’t have a six pack, I have moderate acne, and I have a very small double chin which I feel very insecure about. So basically…i’m just insecure about the way I look, and I don’t know how to deal with it.

I was an abuser

When I was 12-14 I touched my little sister. I’m 18 now and I would do anything to go back in time and stop myself. I’m terrified of the thought that this could have an effect on her and hate that I have to keep this a secret from the world. I wish I could just reveal it and face the punishment I deserve, and let those friends and family who would want nothing to do with me to part rather than be the undeserving recipient of their love,. I want to put it behind me and live the rest of my life. But I can’t because I can’t risk dredging the memories back up in her simply for my sake. I don’t see any hope in the future, and all because I was a piece of shit kid.

Big Choice

I love and hate being the middle man between a domestic disturbance/statatory rape situation I could send my friends “boyfriend” away for 10 years and lose a friend sence childhood or the latter.

disappointing sex life

I just need to get all this off my chest somewhere.

My husband and I have been married for three years, but have been together since high school – that’s twelve total years that we have been together. We have never been with anyone other than each other.

Our sex life was fine for a while, when we were still learning each other, but for a long time now things have been really disappointing.. at least for me. Whenever we have sex, it more often than not is in the middle of the night when we are both half asleep, and he just gets off really quickly – like less than a minute. I get absolutely nothing out of it, but I just allow him to do it to get it over with. I used to be excited about having sex with him, but as cliche as it sounds, it now just feels like a chore. He doesn’t even try to get me off, not at any point before, during, or afterwards. It makes me feel like I am not even important enough for him to want to please me, like he just uses me as a semen receptacle. I have to get myself off when he’s gone at work in order to relieve the tension that builds up inside of me. We are only completely different sexual wavelengths, it seems.

I also used to come onto him, but because he would never seem interested, I just gave up. I would try sending him a sexy text or say something suggestive – hell, even try feeling him up or going to bed naked, wearing sexy underwear, things like that, and none of it made any difference. He only is interested in sex when he wants it, and then is done within seconds, leaving me feeling used and sometimes just downright disgusting.

As if all of that is not frustrating enough – I have tried talking to him about it numerous times, as nicely as I can, and it still does not make any difference. He goes through the trouble of buying fun things to use in the bedroom, only to not really use them.

I am just so frustrated by all of this, I have cried about it over and over again. It makes me realize how and why some women come to cheat on their husbands, although I know in my heart I would never do that. I just wish he would understand and care how I feel, and at least try to make things better for me. And I wish I understood why he is this way.

Anyway, I have given up trying to do anything sexy for him and expecting any sort of enjoyment out of sex with him. I just let him initiate it when he wants it, go through with it, and then get myself off later.

This Closet Has Never Seen Light

I am a closeted mid-twenties lesbian. I’ve been dating a man for 4 years. I care for him deeply, but being sexual with him is becoming more and more unbearable. I got drunk and kissed a girl at a bar and had more feelings kissing a random girl than I ever have with him. My conservative southern baptist family has no idea and it would ruin my relationship with them and everyone I grew up around. I’m also an atheist…they have no clue. My life is a lie and I’m too chicken shit to ******* fix it.

I am determined to destroy you

My ex and I just recently broke up. He treated me horrible and I put up with it for a long time. When we split I made it clear no one would put up with him, want him, or give him the time or love that I did. He isn’t the smartest and forgot I have all his social media pws. So for over a week now every time he messages, adds, or hits on a girl … I intercept it. Not because I want him back, but I just want him to think omg she’s right. So maybe it’ll straighten him up for the next girl. I saw a message to his cousin today of him saying he didn’t understand why absolutely no girl will talk to him. It makes me smile.

I Want to Have a Baby

I’m in my early twenties. I’ve always been an anti-breeding, pro-population control, child hating extremist, and have never hesitated to let everyone know my views on the subject. In the past two years, I’ve slowly had a change of heart. Now that I’ve finally acquired stability, I’m coming to the realization that I would like a child after I’ve accomplished my life goals. While I’m not usually concerned with what others think of me, I am concerned about how the people I know would handle me having a child. I’ve already had a few of my family members offer to adopt my hypothetical future child because they fear for the child’s wellbeing. I’ve had others tell me that they’re calling CPS the second I become pregnant.
I know I’m overthinking it but this is a genuine concern of mine.

my Baby

my little girl is not my husbands child

Skin color

Skin color, religion, nationality etc was never an issue for me. In my family we have many many different people from different countries and I was raised to respect every single person regardless of his/her sexual orientation or cultural background. I’ve done this all my life.

Until I moved to Africa (3 different countries) 2 years ago and turned racist. My contract will end next year and I can’t wait for it because of 2 reasons: first to get rid of all these uneducated people who have not the slightest idea of hygiene and social behavior and second to get rid of my racist thoughts and go back to my old self.

Nevertheless, I still think that, as long as red blood is running through our veins, we ALL have the same rights and duties.

Tired of being alive

I have depression. I am currently going through a severe depression and anxiety. I am sad all the time, I feel like I am not being heard. I am scared I may loose my job and I have terrible anxiety of where the future is going.

I don’t want to go on any longer. I have thought about suicide so often, now it seems like something I should consider. I don’t want to feel so alone and so hurt any longer. Part of me wants the help; needs the help. The other part of me wants it all to just end.

I Fear

I fear so much. I fear about what I’m supposed to do next. I fear failure. I fear having intimate feelings. I fear about all my good friends leaving me behind. I fear the crush I have on you. I fear that I will make nothing of myself. I fear of letting my parents and friends down. I fear letting my emotions get the better of me. I fear about failing at my job. I fear exploring the unknown even though I’m already living abroad. I fear myself.