i hate that I am always broke and never have any money. I have read books read articles tried every app on the planet but my money woes don’t change!

It’s too much.

I’m 16, yay. No, I’m a mess, I lost my mom, my dad literally hates me. I give up. I’ve been “depressed” you’d call it, ever since I was only 11, I don’t think its something that happens, I just think some people are born with a sadness. I’ve tried therapy, horrible, I lied because if I said “I dream of ending my life.” I’d be locked up in a hospital. I’m told that we all have a reason to be here, a propus, I don’t see mine ,maybe it’s to mess everything up, it sure feels that way. I just need to know how to end it, I’ve tried pills I was “saved” by a friend who found me, I don’t have a gun, I’m too afraid to jump and I don’t have the mental strength to drown myself, please don’t tell me to have hope, I don’t and I wont.

i want to break up with my boyfriend but his dad has just been diagnosed with cancer

Wow, just writing the ***** makes me feel so evil that I’m even thinking about my part in this! I truly love my boyfriend but it has been four years, I am in my 30s and he just isn’t committing. I have finally worked up the courage to end it (which will break my heart but I have to be strong and realistic) and now this. Well, cancer makes things like a breakup and my little problem seem very insignificant – I adore his father and this is such, such sad news. The terrible thought I have is maybe if I’m really supportive my boyfriend will finally commit? Do I sound like a crazy person or at least incredibly selfish? I do realise this isn’t about me, bless, but I’m just really doubting how much longer I can let this relationship drag on when I’ve been clear about what I want and nothing has happened – and damn that biological clock is loudly ***** **** ticking! But I really don’t think you can break up with someone when their Dad has cancer!!!! Any advice would be so appreciated, or has any one been in a similar situation?


I am overweight, not wealthy, I have warts on my feet due to a genetic condition, highly depressed, and have high anxiety. What woman would ever want to be with someone so utterly worthless.

Won’t touch me, but she wan’ts to have sex with other men.

My GF and I rarely have sex anymore, and last month I cheated on her with a coworker, and guilt ate me alive, but I was made to promise not to tell anyone. Two days later my GF told me she wants to have sex with other guys, and that I can screw other women. My heart sank. I didn’t want other women, I wanted her, but it was apparent that she didn’t want me. I agreed to it because I felt guilty about cheating. The next day my GF had sex with a guy she knew, despite one of the rules I had put out was no family, coworkers, ex’s or friends. I hate her for not wanting me. She’s been with 2 other men, and me once in the last couple of months. The one time she was with me was out of guilt.


My secret is I have two phobias that are ruining my life. One is fear of telephones. The ring of one alone is enough to send me into a panic attack. I have to “work up” to using one, and that’s really, really hard to do. Right now I can’t even bring myself to call my damned voice mail.

My other phobia is of finances. I cannot look at my own bank account online to see how much money I have, balance my checkbook, or do anything related to money or I again I trigger panic attacks.

And when I say panic attack, I mean my heart feels like it’s going to explode, I can’t breathe, and I’m clinging to the toilet vomiting from terror and shaking like a leaf. I’m scared just typing this out.

I feel so very alone and humiliated. It’s stupid, being afraid of irrational things like a checkbook or a telephone. Nobody believes me when I try to tell them, and they get so pissed at me for dropping bills and phone calls.

I’m already on medication, but I can’t afford therapy.

Help. Recommend self-help a book or a website or something or just let me know I’m not alone. :(

i think i know about an unsolved murder

i have this close friend in my life
we talk allot but i think he may have killed a woman .
how can i be for sure. this person just don’t seem like the type . maybe IM so wrong
i really care about this person and just think it would be hard for him to do that . the crazy thing is i pulled it up on line and the story he told me matches but news don’t say all
but i see other things as well and that’s i will confess
as i said
hope im just crazy

I still love you

I love my wife but she treats me so bad I had to leave her when she needed me the most. When I see her and talk to her I fall in love with her all over again, yet I remember all too quickly the hell she put me thru and the feelings of love seem to fade away. I’m extremely depressed without my wife soulmate best friend lover but I can not cry about it. Divorce seems imminent and I have mixed feelings about it. I wish she would just treat me with respect and show me she misses me, loves me and still wants me sexually. I hate this sooooo much

My friend is loaded

I made a good friend through a drama program which I was forced into by my mum and psychologist and I went to her house for tea last week and her house is huge and her parents are very wealthy. I had no clue and I’m scared to bring her back to my house. My parents aren’t that poor either (we’re nowhere near as wealthy as her but we get by) but I feel so inferior.


I’m terrified to let myself be happy, because I’m scared I will jinx myself. The last time I was truly happy, and admitted it to myself, my dad killed himself the next day, and I found out my boyfriend had another family…

I Feel Wrong

All the time I feel like I’m the wrong person. I feel like I should’ve been born a female. I’m a 5’11″ stocky guy but I wish I were a petite 5’4″ woman. I’m not one of those people who wishes they were a girl just for sex or anything, I just feel like my mind and body don’t connect correctly. I always feel conflicted about this thought, and I can’t understand why.

One Sided Internet Love

So, I have always been that shy person who is always alone. Yes, I do have friends in real life, but they don’t seem as reliable than my friends I’ve met online. Recently, I’ve met the most amazing guy. He is my age and he lives here in the united states. The first day we started talking, we immediately clicked. It was like we knew each other already. I saw him on video chat and I was f***ed. We’ve talked ever since but recently, I have discovered that I have this big crush on him and I think he knows so he has started to ignore my messages, or that is the way I see it. I don’t know whether to tell him or not but I just miss him a lot. This isn’t the first time that this happens to me. I think I have a curse that makes me fall in love with people on the internet. Maybe because I haven’t met the right person here. Well, Im just happy I let all these feelings out, or at least part of them. I feel slightly better now..