I am dealing with a recent dwi. This ia very hard for me. This will be the 4th one in 21 yrs. I am very scared and upset. I did not think I was a failure until this happened. I got dwi in 1996 and in 2002 and 2006 and now in 2017. I have not had any other tickets. Ive not had any other … Continue reading John


Hi ..i don’t see any point in life … but i cant die i have a mother and a grandma to take care of .. if i die i dont know what might happen to them…. cant do anything but wait for the weight to lift off…. man dont know what to do i cant find joy exitement or any kind of happiness in life … Continue reading Pointless


I’ve always had dreams of dark oceans and drowning ever since I was a teen,,, now I’m 36. Losing people to suicide didn’t help the cause, We lost 3 of them in 1997, I was in yr 10. That feeling of drowning doesn’t go away the more I suppress it, that feeling seems to come back at full force when I least expect it. I … Continue reading Drowning